Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who knew!??

I seriously had no idea that a company holiday party could be as much fun as mine was on Friday night. I can honestly say it rivaled some of the best sorority/fraternity formals that I attended in college. It was freakin' awesome! It was all held at a hotel near our office in downtown Denver. We started off with a really neat cocktail hour, offering different 'cultures' in different rooms. There was a 'South of the Border' room which was serving margaritas and coronas, an Asian inspired room offering saki and Japanese beer as well as an Italian room with yummy sangria! Once the cocktail hour was over we were heading across the street to the hotel ballroom. This is where the dreaded carriage rides were taking place, ugh! Luckily, my date, who was a fellow co-worker who's husband couldn't make it, and I had a blast!! We boarded the carriage with two other single ladies and had a wonderful time cruisin' down the 16th street mall in our carriage. Food and drinks were flowing like crazy and I don't think I have ever seen so many people dance at any function, even a wedding, than at this reception. There were people doing the worm, swing dancing, and two stepping up a storm! When the party regretfully ended there were a couple of 'younger' individuals including myself that headed out for a couple more hours of drinking! What a riot!! The night finally came to a close at nearly 5:00 AM where I dreadfully hopped in my chariot (AKA a yellow cab minivan) and colapsed as soon as I hit my bed. I was so sore from dancing the night away the remainder of the weekend...TOO FUN!!! Hopefully next year will be twice as much fun, who knows if I will even be able to survive that though. Haha. Here are some of the few pictures I took of the evening, there aren't to many becuase I was clearly too busy bustin' out my moves on the dance floor. :)
Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy this time with your friends and family!!!

In the horse and carriage, YEAH!!

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