Thursday, December 17, 2009


If you can't tell that says 27 in cupcakes, h's fav!

Happy Birthday to my oldest sister H, who lives in Chicago. This will be her 27th birthday and I just can't believe we are getting that old. I remember like it was yesterday looking through our neighborhood 'buzz' book (phone directory) trying to figure out different neighbors who we could call with kids who were close in age to us. If we came across someone in the book who had kids that were older than 12 we thought they were sooo old and they most certainly could not play night games with us. Ooohh how the times have changed!

Oh formals!

Good times at the Tri-D house. They had no idea what was in store for them with all 3 sisters living in the house at the same time. Oh boy!

Best Halloween ever. Too bad you lost your big toe nail that night. SICK!!!

Nothing better than tailgating with a whole bunch of family ram fans!

Great family vacation 2 years ago, loving life in Beaver Creek.
I hope you are doing a little bit of dancing like this evening!!

I love you very much H, and hope you have the best birthday and year yet!

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