Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Every single time I think life could not get any more crazy, it goes and does another flip! I have spent the last month (very last minute) in Houston helping my company do some research. I literally would pack my bag on Saturday or Sunday night and fly out the next day for 5 or 6 days...talk about exhausting! I finally got home last week and spent the whole entire week unpacking, doing laundry and 'attempting' to get back on track at work, wowza! To add insult to injury I would try to spend the weekend with Mr. Man and the realtor house hunting! Guess what? We did it!!! We did it, the house is purchased, well as of close on May 25th. I still am in complete awe. Not to mention appliance hunting is pretty darn overwhelming too. I feel like I fianlly might be able to settle down a little bit when work surprises me again and I leave for Tulsa tomorrow...FOR REAL!? It has been soo crazy, but crazy/busy is always great in my book. Can't wait to be back in Colorado for a little while and celebrate being half way to 26 (!?) this weekend. Finally back to some reagularly scheduled programming, I promise!