Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gobble Gobble and a little shopping

I'm back!! Phew, it had been a litte while since I had posted but figured I would give you the full recap here and now. Our first Thanksgiving hosted at our house was a great success. Let me just tell you it really puts you in the holiday spirit to be able to wake up early on Turkey day, pick up the last minute meal items, cook, and watch the parade. It really did something for me. My mom, dad, brother, and oldest sister all came over and we munched on some really yummy appetizers while the boys and W put the steaks on the grill. Oh.my.goodness. those steaks were so flipping tastey I can't even describe it. W and I let them marinade in a peppercorn marinade for only a couple of hours, but man oh man, they rivaled Del Friscos (Not to toot my own horn or anything :) So we all drank too much wine and ate too much delicious home cooked food and then watched 4 Christmas'. Usually our Thanksgiving's are drama filled, someone leaves the table crying, etc, etc, but this year was awesome!! No drama, no expectations made for a wonderful day. Let's just keep our fingers crossed Christmas goes just as well.
Friday, W woke me up and we hit up the Coach outlet for some awesome deals! We pretty much were stealing our goods from them it was soo cheap. Love me a good deal, whooo hooo. I have most of my list complete except of course for W who is the hardest person on the face of the planet to shop for, any suggestions??

All of that pretty much sums up our awesome weekend and Turkey day. Christmas is a mere 25 days away, are you ready!?? Here are some great photos from our impromtu photo shoot with brother and the girls. Have a great day everyone!
Once again the quality stinks, I really need to charge my camera!!!

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  1. OMGGGEEE I feel like a celebrity - so glad the apron made the blog! :) You guys are too cute - especially your pops!!! I've never seen a recent pic of him - too darn cute for words! Love you and am SO happy that your turkey day was drama free!!