Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It was like freakin' ice capades!

Don't get too excited, I did not go see ice capades, although I am seriously thinking about getting tickets to Disney on Ice. Too childish for a 24 year old?? Haha, never!!

Anyway, onto the situation at hand. So this morning W and I were just talking about her possibly replacing the tires on her car, even though they seem to be in OK condition(not like we would know), but she has been sliding around a bit on the highways when it snows so better safe than sorry. While on the phone with her I am trying to find that quarter trick on the interenet, the one where you stick a quarter in your tread and if its below a certain point its probably time to replace your tires. So, I tell W to do this and we both agree that at least 2 tires should be replaced. Cutting to the chase, I just got a phone call about an hour ago as I was getting set to go to lunch from W. She sounded slightly flustered but thought, meh no big deal, its W. In her very exasperated voice she says "you will never believe what just happened to me?" I'm thinking to myself, oh goodness what has happened know. She claims she just put on her very own performance of ice capades on I-25 WITH HER CAR!!!! She said that she was driving in the middle lane of our main 5 lane highway minding her own business when she suddenly began to slide all over the place. She started by swinging the car towards the 'fast' lane and was sure she was going to hit the median on that side and then she started to slide the opposite way across the other 4 lanes of traffic. Somehow in this whole debacle she has managed to avoid every other car out there and ended up slamming front first into the median on the opposite side of the highway. Now, I haven't seen the car yet but she says there is minimal damage becuase good ol' Felicity(her car) is built like a freakin' rhino. I guess that's a plus, and she has been looking into purchasing herself a new car within the next couple months. But still back and forth across 4 lanes of traffic completely unscathed!?? I swear only W can manage this kind of skill, especially from someone who is a self-proclaimed passenger NOT a driver! Oh goodness! I guess we look at this as a sign to get new tires, what do you think?
Drive safely everyone! We have a heat wave coming through tomorrow, I'm talking highs in the mid 20's, we're really getting up there!

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