Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrapping Extravaganza & the Perfect Bow

I'm not sure if many of you remember me talking about my company sponsering a Big Brothers Big Sisters party for all of the mentors and children this year, however, the time as come!!! It is this Saturday beginning at 6:30. After our cookie exchange party that may be quite a challenge to have me up and in the car by 6 AM, looking presetable nonetheless. Oh well, all for a good cause right? It should be great!! After all that has gone in the last year with the economy and so many parents jobless, therefore unable to purchase even the smallets gifts for their children it really got me thinking. Am I selfish for 'wanting' everything in sight and occasionaly buying for myself?? Is it bad if both W and I bought each of our family members rather nice gifts instead of buying them for children and parents that perhpas have nothing?? In turn, I have decided to really try to make this party special for all those children who will be in attendance who may be less fortunate than myself. All of the crafts are bought and the decorations are coming together so well!! I spent almost an hour and a half this morning wrapping over 40 EMPTY boxes, just for decoration. Let me tell you they are soooo darn cute!! Last week I ventured over to Hobby Lobby and found the cutest wrapping paper for 50% off. Top quality no less!! I wrapped my till my poor fingers could wrap no more, brining me to the finshing touch on these presents. I bought some absolutely darling ribbon in all different colors to finish off the gifts, however, I have no idea how to make one of those big fluffy bows for the top of the presents.

Something like these??

Does anybody have any good tips on putting these types of bows together. I kind of attempted it and it didnt' seem to hard but this is for 300 people so I don't want to put my name on something that is not top notch. Picking up what I'm throwing down here? Suggestions and comments welcome!! Have a wonderful day. The weather here in Denver is supposed to top out at a whopping 18 degrees tomorrow, YES!!!

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  1. Look at you, lil miss party planner! Love it! I know how to make the ones on the bottom (green and pink) just loop the ribbon back and forth in your hand (however many loops you want...then tie a small piece in the middle. After it's tied, just fluff them up...that's when the wire ribbon comes in handy! Wish I could help!