Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sorry ya'll I have been crazy busy out of control and have had no time to blog :( But I'm back now with a vengance. Here's a little update as to what I have been up to:
-Bridal showers galore
-Bachelorette Parties
-50th Birthday extravaganzas
-Rockies games
-Dad's day
-Softball (games and excuse me!?)
-Consuming entirely too much yummy food with Mr. Man
-Spending as much time with Mr. Man before he heads back up to Montana :(
-Working (blah) But someone has to earn the kibbies...right?
-Official World Cup cheerleader (hahahahaha, yeah right!!!)
-Consuming more yummy food.(Sensing a theme yet?)

Yup that pretty much sums it up. On Friday (at 6:30 mind you) I am leaving for Phoenix for another Bachelorette partaaaahy!! I'm really excited for this one and foresee some crazy fun on the horizon. Look out Phoenix, here we come!
A little bit of this
Some lazy river action, duh!
And a whole heck of a lot of this! Sooo excited. Happy Hump Day everyone!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a little Friday Happy

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drama for your mama!

I may have been a tad over dramatic about the volleyball tournament last weekend especially considering my team WON!!! I know I'm still in shock myself. I actually only had to hit the ball a couple of times due to the fact that my coach kept the two best guys on either side of me so I wouldn't panic..phew. All in all, it was a great time! It is not yet 100% postive quite yet, however, the Denver office is thinking about sending my team (#1 duh) to the Houston volleyball tournament in a couple of months! All I have to say is those sweet little Houstonites better watch their backs, we are coming to town :)

On a totally different note I would have to say that this last weekend has been one of my favorite in a very long time! It was nothing special per say, although I did get to spend quite a chunck of time with the mister man, which you will will never hear me complain about. A little bit of pool time, some golf, good dinners, good movies, great weather. Does it get much better than that?? Didn't think so. This weekend is going to be kind of calm around the little apartment. W is out of town for a bachelorette party in Vegas that I decided to opt out of and instead am attending a different bacheorette here in Denver. The theme is pub golf, should be awesome. Other than that, a whole lotta nothing, and I am pretty darn pumped about that. I am just gearing up for the crazy weekends to come, filled with wedding celebrations, pool parties, bachelorette parties, showers, etc. Needless to say I will be taking in every ounce of free time I have this weekend and relax to the fullest extent possible. Quite honestly its not that hard for me to accomplish. Stay tuned for another overly dramatic post about my company softball league that started last that is a riot!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bump, Set, Spike...umm what!?

Oh boy! Ya'll this is no joke. Somehow I got talked into participating in my company's volleyball tournament this afternoon. The people that are participating in this 'fun' event are not kidding around either. They have held several practices at lunch time and after hours to try to improve their teams skills so they can win the coveted title of Volleball champions. We are talking INTENSE. I, however, am not so intense. In fact, I quite loathe playing volleyball. I am of rather a short stature (5'2" on a good day) and therefore, have never really excelled in this particular sport. I have put a smile on for the several practices we held while I scream and run the other way from the ball, whoops, but have no fear I am there and willing. This is going to be a disaster. I'm picturing a volleyball flying at my face AKA the money maker, and I leave the sand pit crying hystercially and being driven a way by a paramedic in an ambulance. Dramatic? Nah. Anywhoo wish me luck, it should be fun. Plus, there are pina coladas involved, whooot whooot!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Take me out to the the ball game"- A little weekend recap

As many of you know I am a huge baseball fan! Not for the acutal baseball, but for the atmosphere that comes along with going to the field. A hot summer day spent by the pool, followed by a quick shower, a basball hat, your favorite Rockies shirt, the smell of grass, and of course the hot dog and beer! Does it get any more summer than that?? Luckily, I have managed to find a great group of people that enjoys going to the baseball games almost as much as I do :) W and I used to live 4 blocks from the beloved Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, and if we needed something to do on a Sunday afternoon you better believe that was the first place you could find us. This weekend I feel very fortunate to have been able to go to not one baseball game but 2!! The Dodgers were in town and that is always a great series to go watch, and on Memorial Day weekend no less! Am I blowing your mind yet?? Haha. So anyway, I was able to scrounge a couple of club level seats from a co-worker of mine and Mr. Man and I headed to the ball park. Honestly, it could not have been any better. Perfect weather, perfect company, and unfortunately the Rox lost that night, but hey you can't win them all right? Saturday we opted out of the game and went to see Robin Hood and tried a delicious new(er) restaurant and we were certainly not disappointed. The food was delicious and I even enjoyed the movie! Holy cow, I'm exhausted even writing all of this stuff that I managed to cram in this weekend and I'm only till Sunday, just kidding. Sunday was, we shall say...interesting. Mr. Man was dead set on climbing a 14er and I am not one to back down so I said 'sure!' Probably should have thought that through a little bit better, but have no fear we got lost....driving! Hahahaha!! We ended up driving, not hiking, to the top of Mt. Evans. Regardless the views were breathtaking and it was a great experience! We finally got back into Denver after a 5 hours of driving around 11 AM and decided we needed to go to another ball game! It was awesome, the weather was once again beautiful, sat in the sun and then we were able to meet up with W for some drinks and bar fun!! All in all it was a great weekend. Unfortunately the Rox lost the series with the Dodgers, but there is always next time. Monday, was another beautiful day filled with BBQ's family and good old fashion fun! Loved it! Did ya'll do anything exciting for the long weekend???
Some pics of the fateful 14er attempt...oops.