Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ringing in the new Year with some Nuggets

Sorry ya'll, it seems I have gotten tied up in a little thing called life and completely neglected my blog! New year though, and a fresh start! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and a great New Years! I for one had a wonderful Christmas. It was nice and relaxed without all of the crazy family drama that usually comes with the holidays. I spent X-mas eve with our good family friend and went to a delicious Maggiano's family style dinner with her brother, niece, grandparents and W and I. It was so great. We all left a few lbs heavier and a great joyful spirit! Unfortunately W's holiday work schedule gave her Christmas Eve and Christmas day to work so she was pretty limited in her activity this year for X-mas. We definitely made the most of it! X-mas day we opened presents (santa was soo good to me) and then I hung out with our family friend and watched the Grinch before meeting W at my parents house. So many of you read this blog and actually know me in person and know that my mom is a few notches of normal, like quite a few notches. Even around the holidays it can get kind of hard to spend a significant amount of time over at their house without some kind of blow out. This year we just did the dinner and bascially parted ways, however, not before seeing what Santa brought to our parents house. Get this....my mother wrapped a box for all 4 kids filled with (drumroll please), 100 1 dollar bills. Apparently she thinks I frequent some kind strip joint or other not so classy joint and needed the one dollar bills, honestly who knows. My brother, being the comedian that he is, grabbed a stash of his bills and threw them all over our dining room yelling "I'm makin' it rain". At that point W and I knew it was time to part ways and head home. What can I say it made for a great laugh!

Onto New Years. I. HATE. NEW. YEARS!! With a passion. I believe it is an overrated holiday where bars charge a ridiuclous cover charge and every guy at the bar is on SERIOUS creep mode! I dislike it strongly! I had seriously considered purchasing a glass of wine and just hanging out in my hot tub, but I was talked into venturing out into the cold and crowded streets of downtown Denver....BIG MISTAKE!! We ran into some drama (shocker) and W, myself, and one other friend spent midnight in a cab trying to find an open McDonald's. What can I say I live a really glamorous life! Haha. It wouldn't be a new year without a delicious nugget from McDonald's. :) The rest of my long weekend was spent relaxing and cleaning our apartment.

Sorry for the ridiuclously long post ya'll, I needed to catch everyone up! Happy New Year to everyone and can't wait to see what this year has in store!

One more thing congrats to Miss Kaneil, who recently got engaged over the holiday. Can't wait for the awesome Nashville wedding!!

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh OUT LOUD while my kids are working on math pages....a box full of $1 bills?!?!? What happened, did she run out of poetry books to stash them in? hahah jk jkjk

    Love and miss you lots! Can't wait to hopefully see you this weekend (if you are up with the chickens like I am on the weekends!)