Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and we are on to New Year's already!?? I swear when you get older the days and years for that matter go by so much faster, man oh man! I had a wonderful Christmas this year that was spent in Denver and the mountains. I got some great skiing in and spent some time with my great family. I am still deciding what to do for New Years...I HATE New Years, blech! No thanks!! I am debating going over to a friends house with Mr. Man in tow and just grilling steaks on the Bar-B-Que or just staying home and cooking a fabulous dinner just the two of us and drinking wine. I can't quite decide. What are you all doing for New Years?? Any big travel plans??
I am going to catch you all up on the last couple weeks of festivites through pics...enjoy!

We had a great turn out at our 3rd annual ugly Christmas sweater cookie Exchange...I found the most hideous night gown that I turned into a dress, it was phenomenal to say the least.

PS, I got Mr Man the sorel boots he has been dying for...DORK, lol.
A little ski date up in Vail, and yes we may or may not have similar jacket, I swear I have had mine for a lot longer than he has :)
Another great date weekend up in Breckenridge where we were able to get some great early season skiing in.
A final shot of the great mountain of Breckenridge...really wish I was there right now instead of at work, yuck!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am in some serious need of some advice for Christmas ASAP!!! I have to tell you that Mr. Man is the hardest person to shop for ever! He wants floor mats for his new car for Christmas, seriously this is not a joke. Instead of buying him the floor mats (thank goodness I didn't order them becuase they ended up coming with the car) I went ahead and bought him his very own pair of Sorel snow boots. Yes, he is that nerdy and I love it :) However, the most brilliant idea popped into my head this morning that I should buy tickets to go see his beloved Oklahoma Sooners play the Connecticut Huskies at the Fiesta Bowl in AZ. It is close enough that we could actually drive and I found a killer deal on Ebay for some great seats. The only problem is that Mr Man is a little upset with his Sooners becuase of their past bowl game appearances. Needless to say there have not been too many victories in the past couple games he has been too. So do I go ahead and buy the tickets anyway, taking the chance his team will lose and we drove 10 hours to watch it? (Hello Missouri all over again!) Or do I stick with some sweet new rubber boots for the snow??? Help me!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's That Time Again!

That's right folks, its cookie party time!! This is W and I's 3rd annual cookie party extravaganza and the baking as begun!! We could not be more excited to get together with all of our great friends and share yummy recipes and perhaps a cocktail or two around our beautiful Christmas tree. This is always one of my favorite times of the year becuase it gives everyone an excuse to gather around and eat tons and tons of stuff you normally wouldn't eat. Oh yeah and see people you haven't seen in a long time, that too :) Here is a yummy list of all the great things W and I will be baking/making this year for our party.
-Cream cheese dessert ball (my mouth is watering even thinking about it!)
-Sugar Cookies
-Cake balls
-Cream Cheese with Pickapeppa and wheat thins (sooo good, you must try it!)
-Queso (Loves me some cheese)
-Classic Veggie tray
-Puppy chow
-Chocolate covered Pretzels (homemade of course)
-Cream Cheese and Salomi tortillas (sounds weird, but again soo delish!)

That about covers it! I promise I will be back on Monday with a full recap with pictures and everything along with a re-cap of our great weekend spent in beautiful Vail, Colorado! Have a great weekend ya'll!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Christmas Time

I can't believe it is already December, time flies!! W and myself are preparing to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow evening, I know a little bit behind the 8 ball on that one, whoops! It has been surprisingly warm here in Denver today so it doesn't feel like the first day of December. Here are a few things I am looking forward to this month:
-Looking at all the festively decorated houses throughout Denver
-Listening to Christmas music at work and not getting glared at for doing so!
-The smell of fresh cut X-mas trees
-How extra beautiful the mountains look with a bit of snow on top
-Eating some extra sweets and not feeling too guilty about it :) (I might have indulged in a few today, shh told tell)
-Baking and decorating Christmas cookies!
-Watching the Parade of Lights go through downtown and seeing the little kids faces light up
-Dew tour in Breckenridge
-Being surrounded by family and realizing how lucky you are to have such great relationships with everyone
-Purchasing presents for all of your loved ones and really putting the time and effort into each individual gift
-Finally CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I can't wait and may have a mental counter in my head that is ticking away as each day passes. Something similar to what we all had when we knew Santa was coming soon! Haha.
Hope everyone has a great first day of December. Great things are coming this month!