Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Plans on the Horizon!

I'm really excited about my plans this weekend, let's start with that. W is working all weekend long, big bummer, so I am fending for myself!! I have decided that after a year and half long break from visiting my college town it was time for me to bite the bullet and head on up North. I went to school at Colorado State University (ram fan through and through), in Fort Collins and the year after I graduated I still knew a lot of people who were up there so I frequented the town every weekend I got the chance...yeah I was that girl, whatever. However, a year ago last June there was an 'incident' which resulted in a self ban from ever attending Brew Fest ever again and by no means speaking to any ex-boyfriend who you run into while walking on the streets of old town holding a huge turkey leg and your 7th beer. Let's just say it was a deadly combination and I could not bring myself to show my face there for a while. Anywhoo, I believe I can face those demons once more and hit up some of my favorite alumni at my sorority's annual pancake breakfast!! I'm really excited to see some old friends who I have not gotten to catch up with in quite some time and pretend like I am back in college for one more day. Totally acceptable right?! Don't worry after the pancake breakfast we will be going here...

So excited!! I haven't done a brewery tour in over 2 years and lets just say sliding down the big curly cue slide at the New Belgium brewery will certainly bring a smile to just about anyone's face. Whooo hoooo!!! Wish me luck I can pull myself together and there are no more incidents. :) I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I promise to bring my camera with me this time around so I can quit pulling images off google to entertain ya'll!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here we go again

Yet another ridiculous Spring snow storm here in the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately my company did not offer us a snow day, however, I did get to go into the office at 10, so something is better than nothing.

In case you haven't noticed, I have ONCE AGAIN, decided to change my blog template. For the life of me I cannot find one I like. This time around, I think this one may stick. I love paisely so we'll see how long this little stinker lasts.

This morning I have been finalizing my weekend plans and have decided to go up to my old college town about an hour or so North of where I live now and go to my old sorority house Tri-Delta and support the actives in their annual Spring philanthropy event, the pancake breakfast, should be a good time. I'm hoping to run into some old friends I have not seen in awhile, hopefully it will be a great time!

Happy Snowy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You want me to what!??

Last night I decided it was finally time to go grocery shopping. Usually W and I have mounds of food in our fridge and very rarely are we scrounging for things to eat in our house, however, our lives have seemed to have gotten the best of us and we have seriously neglected our grocery shopping. Literally, running into the store when we have run out of our staples, like T.P, bread, and the likes, this is not a joke. So last night we did it!! We went grocery shopping!! Whoo hooo!! The point of this is that I made a delicious salad for my lunch today, I'm talking bleu cheese crumbles, turkey, pear slices, the works!! I was getting ready to leave this morning all the while thinking "I hope W remembered her lunch", when I absentmindedly walked out the door without mine!!!! WHAT!!?? Whoops. I realized this about half way to work, so I thought, meh I only live 10 minutes from the office I will run home during my lunch break and eat at home, brillant! Yeah, brilliant idea until I walk into my building and realize that there is a group of angry old bittys and men for that matter too, laying into our concierge staff and the management company. Apparently there was a water main break which caused the fire alarm to be activated, which in turn caused the elevators to shut down!! No bueno for my lazy booty!! I was in a rush so I had to take the stairs 15 floors up to my apartment. By the time I finally dragged my poor, pathetic, out of shape butt up those flights of stairs I was so exhausted I didn't even want the scrumptious salad waiting for me in the fridge...sigh. Well at least I got my exercise in for the day seeing as I weigh in tomorrow and on top of that I had a 'light' lunch, maybe tomorrow's number won't be half bad...:) Wish me luck!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend re-cap!

I'll start off with saying that last Wednesday's biggest loser weigh in went much better! Thank goodness because I thought I was going to have to start running laps around the office to try to lose weight...just picture it. Ha.

Onto the weekend. Honestly not a whole lot to report. With my fabulous Friday afternoons off from work I decided to spend this one in my house doing some deep Spring cleaning. I scoured every surface as well as disinfected. The only problem, W was sleeping from her previous night shift and I just couldnt' wait any longer to vaccuum...BIG mistake. Apparently I woke the sleeping giant and $hit hit the fan. She was less than thrilled with our immaculate apartment and I swear at one point during our altercation I think I saw steam come out of her ears and perhaps even a little bit of fire come out of her mouth...It wasn't prettty, AT ALL!

We duked it out for a while and then all was good. Saturday we were supposed to go to The Melting Pot with 5 of our friends and unfortunately about an hour before one had a sinus infection and the other two just flat out bailed, so we decided against it and I had my first Thai food experience. All in all, not too shabby, I would even venture out and eat it again :) Sunday was a little furniture shopping extravaganza as well as a little lunch and we then we saw "She's out of My League". Highly recommeded. I was laughing my booty off!! Hysterical!
That pretty much sums up my less than exciting weekend filled with lots of food, sitting around, and a trip to the movies. I can't wait for the Spring weather and for the grass to get green. I L.O.V.E Spring and everything that comes with it, most of all hot dog season AKA baseball season. Will you all be going to some baseball games this summer?
That's it for my completely random post, but Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Biggest Gainer!?

Wait what!? That is correct. This year I have decided to join about 40 or so of my co-workers in a friendly 'biggest loser' competition in my office. I have been wanting to shed some of my stored flubber (yes like a whale) for about 2 years now and the fact that I call it my winter weight all year long I think is getting a little old...just saying. So I bit the bullet, turned in my $25 entry fee and cut out reagular soda. If any of you know me you know that I cannot stand to drink diet soda. I know the sugary brown stuff is bad for my bones, my skin, my teeth, blah blah blah I L.O.V.E it, so giving it up is a huge feat for me. The first two three weeks of this competition went fairly well. I even won one week for losing the largest percentage of body fat, what what! So now we are almost half way through our 12 week journey and I had been consistently losing weight..until this fateful week. Whoops!! I jumped on the scale knowing the numbers weren't going to look pretty and sure enough NO GOOD!! I'm talking like almost back to where I started, not quite there but darn close enough, bummer!! I know now that I need to start exercising more (that whole look like a cheetah while running thing kind of fizzled), and need to start watching what I eat more closely. Unfortunately, this means I cannot make the cab stop at McDonald's on the way home from the bars at 2:30 in the morning and I must resist the concession stand at the movies, my two weaknesses. So here is to a new week of losing the winter weight and changing my habits! Have a great weekend everyone! I promise to show pictures of my finally complete bedroom. Oh and of course, Kaneil if you're reading this have a wonderful time at your engagement party and sooo sad I can't make it!! HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Dreary Monday...

We don't have many overcast days here in Colorado. Usually the sun is out and shining or the snow is falling in beautiful little crystals, but today....not the case. It rained a little bit last night and I was awoken to wet streets and when the sun did finally 'rise' it was gray and gross. This is not the reason why I live in Colorado! No thank you. Not only is it dreary outside but I have a nasty case of the Monday's as one of my co-workers referred to it. Whatever, I may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today and I may have shut my door at work all day today but there is a reason for that. Therefore, when my door is polietly shut and I do not have 'come on in' sticky note on my door, DO NOT COME ON IN. I am a very friendly person who could probably have a conversation with a frog, however, when I am in a bad mood, STEER CLEAR!! Do not try to cheer me up with your funny baby stories or cool skiing stories, I quite frankly will be in this foul of a mood and will not be wiping my mean mug off of my face until tomorrow morning. Some days everyone is just down right entitled to be a little bit bitter. Ahhh, that feels much better just putting down.
Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend and was even able to spend some time with W...shocker!! She has basically been working non stop at the hospital and I have not been home much in the last week either. We have actually had to start planning catch up dinners, which considering that I live with her is well, pathetic. She is off to see Bon Jovi tonight, that lucky little duck. That may have something to do with my sourpuss mood today, who knows.
On a lighter note I will have pictures for ya'll at some point this week of my bedroom. I finally have my pillow cases monogrammed and my new headboard has arrived!! Whooo hooo, get excited everyone!

So here's to a better tomorrow, some sunshine and turning my frown upside down.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh yeah that's right, everyone can be jealous of my suhweet trip to Oklahoma! I had to go to Tulsa for some work stuff for two nights and let me tell you that town is full of exciement. Just kidding, it really wasn't too bad, especially when I was eating breakfast in my hotel and Eric Clapton walked by, whoo hoo!! He was apparently playing a concert right down the street from where we were staying and he happened to be staying at the same place, pretty cool actually. I got a lot of work done and played a little bit so all in all a successful trip. Many of you don't know me and don't know that I have a TREMENDOUS fear of flying. I realize that it is completely irrational and on a plane I'm unable to lash out irrationaly (Santa Claus!?? Anyone?) Anyway, I very rarely travel by myself, usually I have my secruity blanket AKA W. This time however, not the case. I was travelling with 5 other co-workers. I think it would be slightly inappropriate to throw back 4 drinks on an hour and half flight, so I sucked it up and acted cool. I had planned on arriving at the airport a good hour and half early to ensure that I was able to save my company some dollar bills by parking in the economy lot, even though my other co-workers opted out of this decision. I ended up getting tied up at work, leaving late, getting stuck in traffic, missing the shuttle from the parking lot, and getting stuck behind a slew, and by slew I mean the entire state of Texas's high school volleyball teams in security, which in turn caused me to have to RUN to my gate like a total fool. I barely made my flight, not good!

When I returned from my ever so productive business trip, I went straight from the airport on Wednesday night to Customer Appreciation night at my favorite bar. Let me tell you, it was out of this world awesome. Free drinks for everyone, ALL NIGHT LONG!! I don't just mean measly little cups of beer either, I'm talking run of the joing do whatever you want and its all on us type night. Love those. However, I left my iphone on the table and was dancing the night away, when I realized my phone was no longer on the table. Denver is a nice place, I don't feel unsafe that often and apparently I trust all to easily. Ya'll this is the second phone now that has been stolen when I am a mere five feet away cuttin' a rug on the dance floor. Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? So even though the bar picked up my tab for the evening I still paid for it by having to buy a new cell phone last night...big bummer! I have a busy weekend plannedand also I am hoping I will commit myself to blogging more, I have been slacking big time lately and I am going to change that! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here is a little gift for ya'll straigh from the Tulsa airport...enjoy!