Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ice Capades, encore!!!

Lately W and myself have been having some car issues. As previously posted, W's brief encounter with a median on I-25 which in turn will cost her about $450 dollars in new tires!! I don't think I mentioned that one, but are you freakin' kidding me!? We had gone back and forth as to actually purchase the new tires or just wait and see if we can get through the winter and then she is purchasing a new car. After putting on her very own display of ice capades, we both decided it is probably wiser to just go ahead and purchase the tires. Damn!

Fast forward a week or so and you have my cute little mini cooper, lovingly name miss minifred. There have been a couple of different issues with this car and I finally scheduled to take it in and have the dealership look at it. One of the reasons I took it in is becuase I thought the tire pressure light was malfunctioning and needed to be reset. I told the service man exactly this which looking back on it I guess I could have been a little bit nicer to the poor guy. I just got off the phone with the dealership and it turns out that sure enough most of the funny noises and flashing lights in my car all have to do with the fact that I have two severely damaged tires. Apparently minifred has been four wheeling while I am asleep. Going through nail beds and getting them stuck in her two left tires. I mean seriously!?? So now I am left feeling like a complete dummy to the people at mini and my wallet is a good $450 dollars lighter. Get outta here!! A week before Christmas!?? Ugh, oh well. I'm just considering this a very lavious gift to myself for being so good this year :)

In the meantime they gave me this beauty to drive. Yeah that's right its a convertable. Which is totally awesome, minus the 40 degree temps. Unfortunately I don't think I will be feeling the wind in my hair any time soon. ;)

Have a great afternoon!

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