Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you a Fanilow?

Of Barry Manilow!?? Well I am just bopping away listening to some amazing X-Mas tunes and what'd you know, Barry Manilow's 'Christmas is Finally Here' came on. One word is WOW!! Haha, I love the cheesy pop inspired Christmas music, darn right cracks me up. Did any of you watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockafeller Center last week? He was sporting some sweet moves on stage while crooning in his best holiday voice. Man, I love the holidays.

I promise you I will take a picture of my little Christmas tree and post it soon, and I won't do another post on Barry Manilow, haha! To tie ya'll over. here are some other great X-mas trees I can only aspire to. (sigh)

Just a nice, pretty, traditional tree. You just can't go wrong.
Can't beat the beautiful tree in Rockefeller Center!

I love this tree, it is lit in the center of my favorite mountain town, Vail and it is GORGEOUS!

A little nautical inspired X-mas tree, love it! :)

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