Friday, October 30, 2009


Let me just tell you first off that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the creativity that goes into people's outfits and just the fun that you can have. At my office today we invited all of the people with children to come trick or treat to everyone's office doors. Let me just tell you it was too darn precious. Between the robot who's head was way too heavy for the poor kids neck, to the adorable 4 year old pumpkin waddling from office to office, it was waay too cute. As you know from my previous blog post, Denver has been hit with a rager of a snow storm. I didn't have to work at all yesterday (whooo hooo) and I got a half day on Wednesday. This is all fine and dandy except for the fact that this is going to cause one heck of a slushy Halloween night. It looks like the temperature is going to be a bit warmer than it has the previous two days, but all those little kids are going to have their ski outfits on underneath their costumes. I have been trying to find a picture of my brother and 2 sisters the year we were polar bear ballerinas, and a dancingr hippo. Of course, brother was Batman. It is the funniest picture, I'll have to keep looking. Do any of you have fun picutres of what you were when you were little? Fond trick or treating memories? One of my worst Halloween memories is when my oldest sister and my younger brother and myself all had the chicken pocks!!! All of us expcept for W! My dad and her had to go out with 3 extra bags to collect Halloween candy while we all soaked in oatmeal baths :( So sad! At least those days are behind us!

Tonight I think I am going to lay low and maybe go see Where the Wild Things Are so I can rest up for the big night tomorrow. I will be going as Cindy-Lou-Who from the Grinch That Stole Christmas. I have been her before but it is always such a hit I figure I can repeat it. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Finally a picture of my whole family. Brother went as a used car sales man, W was a tennis player and H was Alice from Alice and Wonderland...Oh college.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Oh my goodness, let it snow!!! I was let out of work at 2 O'Clock this afternoon and have been being a lazy bum the last couple of hours just soaking up the beautiful scenery outside.
Not the highest quality pic but you get the point. It is supposed to snow all night tonight and the rest of the day tomorrow. Everyone keep your fingers crossed this keeps up and I can enjoy another snow day tomororw. I'm not even lying to you when I say that the whole town shut down by 2. My college roommate set out for a little pre-Halloween snow fun. Check this out.
For the remainder of the afternoon I will continue to veg out and just relax while watching the snow come down. What would you all do if you had an unexpected snow day? Enjoy everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too good to be true!?

Holy macral ya'll!! Not even kidding you this might be better than Christmas morning! Southwest is having a ridiuclous sale on their airfares! The dates are slightly restricted but one of the times you are allowed to travel is over Martin Luther King Jr. day in January. Since I unexpectedly had to cancel my trip to Vegas I am definitely thinking of planning an absolutely fabulous January getaway to perhaps Tuscon. A little spa weekend with the girls...doesn't that sound so great? Here is what the deals entail. You must purchase within the next 72 hours and you have to travel between Dec. 2-16th or Jan.5-Feb 10. These super low fares range from 25 (that is not a typo) to 100 bucks each way! That is a SERIOUS steal! So go onto their website and check it out, I think it is pretty darn awesome!

On a totally different note, I am struggling to make it through my work day. I thought Monday's were bad but I am really beginning to H.A.T.E Tuesday's even more. Monday's you wake up somewhat refreshed from the weekend and Tuesday you are just run down and tired from the day before, no bueno! It is supposed to snow buckets tonight and tomorrow so I will definitely be busting out the rain boots to wear into work tomorrow and lets hope this poor little guy makes it home in the snow...

Poor Miss Minifred may have a little struggle tomorrow afternoon, bless her heart! Have a good Tuesday and everyone keep your fingers crossed it snows enough for a snow day!!! I'll post some fun photos of the snow tomorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Holy cow, so sorry for the extended vacation, its been a long haul. As previously stated I had to go in for a little procedure. I had my gall bladder out, and yes it was just about as exciting as it sounds. It was a rough go there for a while but thank goodness for my sis, the nurse. I honestly would be starving and probably passed out on the floor somwhere in my apartment if it weren't for her over the last couple weeks. Phew!! Literally, I had no idea I would be knocked on my booty as much as I was. I thought I was going to be up and mobile in no time flat, not so much. I actually had to shower with my bathroom door open and W had to sit outside of it while I showered to make sure I didn't pass out while showering, S.W.E.E.T! I did end up making it out alive and for the most part relatively unscathed, close call though. That was just the first week. Come Thursday I was feeling pretty crummy and my throat hurt like a biatch so I went to the doctor and sure enough I have strep!!! Not even kidding you, when it rains it frickin' pours. So for the past two weeks I have been laid up on the couch just trying to heal. Anyway, sorry for the extreme lack in posts, it wont' happen again! I'm glad to be back and have my outlet up and running once more. Can't wait for the fun posts ahead and to get this blog up and rolling!! Whooo hoo!! Have a lovely Monday and again excited for a week full of posts!

Its a little cold here so here is some happier times on the beach :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brrr it's cold out there...

So today was Denver's first official snow fall. I woke up this morning to gray skies and a lot of fog, somewhat of a rareity in Colorado. Before I knew it I looked out my office window and sure enough a light dusting was beginning to gather on the tops of the buildings downtown along with a small collection on the grass...whooo hooo, it's winter!! Loveland Ski area opened yesterday, the first in the country. So there goes summer and fall right out the window and hello to warm jackets, uggs, and warm nights in by the fire (even though I don't have a fire, I like to pretend). We really didn't have much of a summer here in the Rockies, not even reaching the double digits 1 time, so its slightly bittersweet, but nonetheless, the first snow is always exciting.

One kind of the large downsides to the first snowfall hitting the Rocky Mountains tonight is that my company flag Football team, Crude Intentions, has one of our last games tonight. Nothing says football season like temperatures in the low 30's. I'll be supplying my team with some nice warm cocoa with some peppermint treats infused to help everyone stay warm. Fortunately for the other team I will be sitting out at tonight's game, playing photographer and cheerleader, something quite frankly I find more appealing, but no fear I'm sure we will come away with a big
ole' win for the team!!! Also in exciting news, the Colorado Rockies starting the playoff series against the Philadelphia Phillies last night as well. So far we lost the game yesterday afternoon and its seems we have pulled through a win for tonight. Rocktober is in full effect!! Lots of exciting things happening in Colorado this week! Hope everyone is as wonderful of a fall/winter day today!!

Let's go ROX!!!

Is this jacket too bright?!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snip Snip...

No joke, I'm going under the knife, YIKES!! Apparently, gall bladder problems run in my family so seeing as my dad has his removed 40 years ago or so, I suppose its now my turn. After some rather excruciating pain throughout most of last week, I finally bit the bullet and trekked over to the doctor's office. They immediately rushed me to get an ultrasound where they announced I have a huge gall stone about 2.5 CM large...awesome. So now not only do I have to go under the knife but its not even for anything cool. It's not like its some rare disease where the doctor only gets to operate on cases like that every 10 years. Nope, this is the second most common surgery in the US. So when people ask me why I am taking all of next week off from work I get to come back with the awesome answer, "oh that, yeah I'm having my gall bladder out. Don't be too jealous." Yes, I am in my twenties and having the surgery a male may have in his 60's but you know, whatever. So I am not only a little bit worried about having my first surgery ever, but then my neighbor just told me his 'horror' story of his gall bladder surgery. He went into the hospital with an innie belly button and something about the lapriscopic blah blah blah, he came out with an outtie belly button! OH.MY.GOODNESS! I can't even make this stuff up if I wanted to. I guess if that is the least of my worries though I will be okay. Here are some jokes at my expense, of course. Happy hump day ya'll!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Street Smarts

So for many years now I have always said that I am the sister with the streets smarts and W is the one with all of the book smarts. She is a nurse working on little tiny pre-mature babies, and I clack away at an office job 40 hours a week. I know when to change my oil and W can drive for months, probably even years until it breaks down or starts smoking and then realize its time to get the oil changed. Clearly I have been spending too much time with W when I start to spell things wrong and ask stupid questions. For example, W was trying to find my blog the other night while at work and could not figure out why she could not find it. Low and behold, I have left out the 'r' in quaRter life crisis. Awesome. Seriously, who does that? Ha, oh well, at least the blog is still new so I can still re-do it without much of a headache. I just thought ya'll would get as much of a giggle out of that as I did and especially as W did. Let me just tell you how proud she was of herself that she found a spelling mistake before I did...Good for you W!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Re-cap will come tomorrow and needless to say it was less than an eventful weekend. Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yup, you read that one right. I just booked my flight this morning to head to Sin city in 3 short weeks. Needless to say I am very excited not to mention a little bit nervous for my general health. I have been to Vegas twice before and both times have been relatively calm, (according to W at least), and all I have heard come out of her mouth is 'you better be ready for this, it's going to be crazy'. Yes my sister is consideribly more 'wild' than I am but hey, I can definitely hold my own. Just because I can acutally remember going to Vegas does not mean I did not have a good time! The only problem is there are 8 girls going, and 13 guys, again not a typo, that's THIRTEEN guys. Holy big fat cow!! It's going to be a blast and whenever you throw that many people from all around the country into one hotel there is bound to be some great adventures and awesome memories to come home with. So wish me luck that I can hold my own with all the wild and crazies that are going and still come home with my dignity entacted. (Just kidding...kind of.) Here are some pictures from Vegas memories past. Later Gators.

Dont' judge I L.O.V.E. Celine!!!! It was a sad day I never got to see her in Vegas :(

Me, my cousin, and W in front of the Wynn.

By the way, it's Thursday!! That means one day closer to the weekend!!! Have a great night!!