Friday, February 25, 2011

California Dreaming....

Or something like that at least! I am dying for a beach getaway, my goodness. Mr. Man and myself are trying to pick a budget friendly beach destination for a couple days and let me tell you something, that's NOT an easy feat! Loves me some Mexico but been there done that. I would basically give my left arm to be tooling around the Italian countryside, sipping wine one day, and laying on a Grecian beach the next, however, that is not in this gals budget :(. So where do I go?? The caribbean? Costa Rica?? Perhaps a nice beach getaway in the states?? HELP! What are your favorite vacau spots??

Ahhhhh, wishful thinking!

I swear this picutre is the only thing getting me through the cold dreay day today!
Total side note, however, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans last weekend and I simply cannot get enough of them! Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its A Party For Your Feet!

Listen up ya'll! Is there anything better than looking down at your shoes on any particular day and just know that your feet are happy with your choice of shoe today?? I know that if I had these two pairs of shoes my feet would be have a PAR-TAHY all day long. I have decided that these shoes are past want in my book but have moved on to a flat out NEED!! They are way to fabulous to pass up!

Flat out fabulous!!