Friday, October 30, 2009


Let me just tell you first off that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the creativity that goes into people's outfits and just the fun that you can have. At my office today we invited all of the people with children to come trick or treat to everyone's office doors. Let me just tell you it was too darn precious. Between the robot who's head was way too heavy for the poor kids neck, to the adorable 4 year old pumpkin waddling from office to office, it was waay too cute. As you know from my previous blog post, Denver has been hit with a rager of a snow storm. I didn't have to work at all yesterday (whooo hooo) and I got a half day on Wednesday. This is all fine and dandy except for the fact that this is going to cause one heck of a slushy Halloween night. It looks like the temperature is going to be a bit warmer than it has the previous two days, but all those little kids are going to have their ski outfits on underneath their costumes. I have been trying to find a picture of my brother and 2 sisters the year we were polar bear ballerinas, and a dancingr hippo. Of course, brother was Batman. It is the funniest picture, I'll have to keep looking. Do any of you have fun picutres of what you were when you were little? Fond trick or treating memories? One of my worst Halloween memories is when my oldest sister and my younger brother and myself all had the chicken pocks!!! All of us expcept for W! My dad and her had to go out with 3 extra bags to collect Halloween candy while we all soaked in oatmeal baths :( So sad! At least those days are behind us!

Tonight I think I am going to lay low and maybe go see Where the Wild Things Are so I can rest up for the big night tomorrow. I will be going as Cindy-Lou-Who from the Grinch That Stole Christmas. I have been her before but it is always such a hit I figure I can repeat it. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Finally a picture of my whole family. Brother went as a used car sales man, W was a tennis player and H was Alice from Alice and Wonderland...Oh college.


  1. Cindy Lou Who is the most adorable costume idea!

  2. i love the costume ideas! i love halloween as well.