Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yup, you read that one right. I just booked my flight this morning to head to Sin city in 3 short weeks. Needless to say I am very excited not to mention a little bit nervous for my general health. I have been to Vegas twice before and both times have been relatively calm, (according to W at least), and all I have heard come out of her mouth is 'you better be ready for this, it's going to be crazy'. Yes my sister is consideribly more 'wild' than I am but hey, I can definitely hold my own. Just because I can acutally remember going to Vegas does not mean I did not have a good time! The only problem is there are 8 girls going, and 13 guys, again not a typo, that's THIRTEEN guys. Holy big fat cow!! It's going to be a blast and whenever you throw that many people from all around the country into one hotel there is bound to be some great adventures and awesome memories to come home with. So wish me luck that I can hold my own with all the wild and crazies that are going and still come home with my dignity entacted. (Just kidding...kind of.) Here are some pictures from Vegas memories past. Later Gators.

Dont' judge I L.O.V.E. Celine!!!! It was a sad day I never got to see her in Vegas :(

Me, my cousin, and W in front of the Wynn.

By the way, it's Thursday!! That means one day closer to the weekend!!! Have a great night!!

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