Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brrr it's cold out there...

So today was Denver's first official snow fall. I woke up this morning to gray skies and a lot of fog, somewhat of a rareity in Colorado. Before I knew it I looked out my office window and sure enough a light dusting was beginning to gather on the tops of the buildings downtown along with a small collection on the grass...whooo hooo, it's winter!! Loveland Ski area opened yesterday, the first in the country. So there goes summer and fall right out the window and hello to warm jackets, uggs, and warm nights in by the fire (even though I don't have a fire, I like to pretend). We really didn't have much of a summer here in the Rockies, not even reaching the double digits 1 time, so its slightly bittersweet, but nonetheless, the first snow is always exciting.

One kind of the large downsides to the first snowfall hitting the Rocky Mountains tonight is that my company flag Football team, Crude Intentions, has one of our last games tonight. Nothing says football season like temperatures in the low 30's. I'll be supplying my team with some nice warm cocoa with some peppermint treats infused to help everyone stay warm. Fortunately for the other team I will be sitting out at tonight's game, playing photographer and cheerleader, something quite frankly I find more appealing, but no fear I'm sure we will come away with a big
ole' win for the team!!! Also in exciting news, the Colorado Rockies starting the playoff series against the Philadelphia Phillies last night as well. So far we lost the game yesterday afternoon and its seems we have pulled through a win for tonight. Rocktober is in full effect!! Lots of exciting things happening in Colorado this week! Hope everyone is as wonderful of a fall/winter day today!!

Let's go ROX!!!

Is this jacket too bright?!?

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