Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Are we shoulding all over ourselves?"

I cannot take credit for the title, I was actually watching and old episode of 'Sex and the City' last night and that was the title of the article she was writing for the week. As I laid in bed I pondered this statement/question. I think with most decisions throughout my life so far, I really have to sit down and think should I do this or should I do that. Sometimes it is really difficult when you know you should do something and you choose to do the exact opposite. The point being why feel guilty about taking the road less traveled and deciding to do it for yourself every once in awhile. As a young twenty something I am faced with this question on a reagular basis, especially financially. I work hard as does W and sometimes you just need a little treat gosh darnet and there should be nothing wrong with that! So why do you feel guilty afterwards?? Becasue you know you should be saving that money? Because you know you should be buying your 12th wedding shower gift of the year with that money? Becuase you know that money could probably be more practically spent? WHATEVER!!! I had somewhat of an epiphany while watching Carrie type those words on her computer. I find it very interesting that many individuals 'should all over themselves' waaay to frequently. It's okay to be selfish (every once in awhile), its okay to give the homeless man with a poor homeless dog a dollar every now and then, it's okay to take the night to yourself and shut your phone off to the world. We shouldn't be guilted into things that we don't want to do. So when your friends call you and ask if they can come over on a Sunday night after a loooong weekend and you know you should say 'come on over' as enthusiatically as possibly, have it your way and just tell them you are too tired and re-schedule. You will thank yourself later!! That is enough of my little rant and rave for now but I thought Carrie Bradshaw had a very interesting point and perhaps we could all take a little something from it. Have a great evening!!

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  1. Great post, my dear. :) Definitely thought-provoking! Gooooosssssshhhh I MISS our chats SO SO badly! :(

    I'm waiting on parent conferences right now. Boo hoo...I am working all week - and maybe you should join me. You would be a great motivational speaker for school kids! come on, Ms. Linds!

    Love ya and miss ya! Thanks for writing. :)