Monday, October 5, 2009

Street Smarts

So for many years now I have always said that I am the sister with the streets smarts and W is the one with all of the book smarts. She is a nurse working on little tiny pre-mature babies, and I clack away at an office job 40 hours a week. I know when to change my oil and W can drive for months, probably even years until it breaks down or starts smoking and then realize its time to get the oil changed. Clearly I have been spending too much time with W when I start to spell things wrong and ask stupid questions. For example, W was trying to find my blog the other night while at work and could not figure out why she could not find it. Low and behold, I have left out the 'r' in quaRter life crisis. Awesome. Seriously, who does that? Ha, oh well, at least the blog is still new so I can still re-do it without much of a headache. I just thought ya'll would get as much of a giggle out of that as I did and especially as W did. Let me just tell you how proud she was of herself that she found a spelling mistake before I did...Good for you W!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Re-cap will come tomorrow and needless to say it was less than an eventful weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Lady - love this post...only me and you could write a post criticizing our sisters and them not get mad. :) Love it. I miss you! How are you feelin? I ended up getting sick on Friday night and took my first sick day today :( NOT as much fun as a carefree sick day at NFX. Love and miss you! GREAT blog!

  2. I didn't even notice, and I am a stickler for spelling! haha If you change blog addresses do tell me! :)