Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too good to be true!?

Holy macral ya'll!! Not even kidding you this might be better than Christmas morning! Southwest is having a ridiuclous sale on their airfares! The dates are slightly restricted but one of the times you are allowed to travel is over Martin Luther King Jr. day in January. Since I unexpectedly had to cancel my trip to Vegas I am definitely thinking of planning an absolutely fabulous January getaway to perhaps Tuscon. A little spa weekend with the girls...doesn't that sound so great? Here is what the deals entail. You must purchase within the next 72 hours and you have to travel between Dec. 2-16th or Jan.5-Feb 10. These super low fares range from 25 (that is not a typo) to 100 bucks each way! That is a SERIOUS steal! So go onto their website and check it out, I think it is pretty darn awesome!

On a totally different note, I am struggling to make it through my work day. I thought Monday's were bad but I am really beginning to H.A.T.E Tuesday's even more. Monday's you wake up somewhat refreshed from the weekend and Tuesday you are just run down and tired from the day before, no bueno! It is supposed to snow buckets tonight and tomorrow so I will definitely be busting out the rain boots to wear into work tomorrow and lets hope this poor little guy makes it home in the snow...

Poor Miss Minifred may have a little struggle tomorrow afternoon, bless her heart! Have a good Tuesday and everyone keep your fingers crossed it snows enough for a snow day!!! I'll post some fun photos of the snow tomorrow.

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