Friday, November 6, 2009


I realize that I may be slightly behind on this, but I decided for the remainder of the month of November I would include something in my posts about what I am thankful for. In years past W and I have always dreaded Thanksgiving. Dreading is a nice word to describe our extreme hatred towards the holiday. In all of our loathing we have managed to lose sight of what Thanksgiving is supposed be a time to reflect on the past year and what you are truely grateful for. Even though I H.A.T.E baked turkey and despise stuffing I can look past the food and focus on the meaning of the holiday. Also, this year W and I have opted to have Thanksgiving for my family at our humble aboad. That way if my parents are late (which is a given) we will be in control and have everything all ready to go. I kid you not, one year when all of my siblings and I were home from college, my mom said dinner would be ready at 2, well 4 hours later we finally sat down to dinner. By that time we had all had a few too many glasses of wine and could have cared less. We don't want a repeat of that year so we are doing it our way! It is going to be great! Different options for non turkey eaters and yummy desserts. That's my kind of Thanksgiving!! Eating so much that you may need to unbutton your pants after your meal, I see no shame in that. Annnyway, onto what I am thankful for today. This is not something heart felt or too sincere, however, I am sooo incredibly grateful for my company's policy of half day Friday's!! YES!!! I can't wait and quite frankly I am counting down the minutes till 11 when I can bust out of here like a prisoner from Alcatrez! Look out! Are any of you especially thankful for anything this season? Please share!! Have a lovely Friday!!!


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  1. That's a really awesome idea. I know lately I've totally forgotten to look at the positive things in my life that I'm thankful-I've been too busy focusing on the negative. Thanks for the reminder.