Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Brothers, Big Sisters??

Have any of you every volunteered your time towards this organization?? This year my office has decided to sponsor some underpriveledged children through Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Each individual that is involved picks one child off of the tree and they are responsible for purchasing holiday gifts for them for $25.00. I have participated in a similar gift sharing process through other organizations and when all is said and done you really do feel good and that you have helped someone in time of their need. The point of this story is that this year I have been chosen to be on the committee that helps plan the party where you meet your child and give them your gift(s). I was really excited when I was given this opportunity and suddenly my creative juices started flowing. Just imagine all of the fun holiday decorations and crafts you can create for little kids, SO EXCITED!!!! I get to make a couple different craft tables and other fun games for the kids to participate in at this party. Do any of you have any suggestions of fun (cheap) things for children can do that are holiday oriented??
I would really like to do something with these great martha stewart inspired tissue balls.
Wouldn't that be so fabulous in holiday inspired colors?? Let me know what your thoughts are! Happy Thursday everyone!

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