Monday, November 9, 2009

It's mani/pedi time, weekend update

Tell you what, there is nothing better than a make shift spa day! This last Saturday after a night out on the town Friday, W and I decided to gather up a good family friend and meet my aunt at our nail place and man oh man did we ever get our nails did!! They are fabulous! Tammy my nail tech just does me right, haha! Just what I needed after a night of quite possibly too many sweet tea vodka drinks..whoops! Anyway, I got the most fabulous cranberry-red OPI color and I am still swatting myself on the wrist as to why I did not look at the name of it on the bottom of the bottle. All I know is that is was FAB-U-LOUS! After an afternoon of pampering our toes and fingers we bopped right on over to our local pizza place and induldged in waaay too much grease and carbs, but hey it was the weekend, right? :)

After too much fun on Friday and new shiny red nails I decided not to do much of anything yesterday. I relaxed in my PJ's until almost 2 and we finallly decided it was time to go eat and then go grocery shopping. Have any of ya'll ever tried to go grocery shopping when your starving?? Trust me, your wallet will thank you if you have a delicious snack/meal before you go. W and I stocked up on all the yummy fruits and veggies we needed for the week and headed home where I promptly put my sweat pants right back on and plopped myself back into my spot on the couch. All in all a great weekend was had by all, good food, fun people, and a little relaxtion thrown in.

One more thing before I leave ya'll for the day...
I have a Thanksgiving potluck next week and I am supposed to bring a dessert. I want to do something more original than a pie or cookies, any suggestions?? I'm thinking about making a chocolate chip cookie ball and having it with graham crackers, thoughts? Hope everyone has a great Monday night!

P.S. Gooooo Broncos!!!

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