Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Search Continues...

Thanks for all of your help with picking out the best Sooner outfit, however, the search is still on. After talking to Mr. Man, quite possibly for waaaay too long about an outfit, it was decided that I will just go to what they call their campus corner on Friday afternoon and find some fabulous shirt to wear on game day. Here is the funny part, I may or may not have been on the search the last 7 days for the perfect pair of either shorts or jean capris to wear. Seeing as the weather is supposed to hover around 100 degrees I decided shorts was the way to go. Has anyone else ever tried to find shorts at the end of August/beginning of September?? Yeah not easy. Finally after scowering the internet high and low and stopping by a couple of stores I found the perfect pair of shorts!! I may or may not have accidentally purchased both pairs but I wasn't sure which color of shirt I would find in Norman. I found a great basic pair of white shorts, if I chose a red shirt, and a pair of khaki shorts if I choose a white shirt. Best part is they were only $15 bucks a pop. Thank you Old Navy!!! So yes, some of you may think I am obsessing over what I am going to wear and you would be correct in this statement, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!! With that said 8 days and counting, yowza!!

P.S. I can't believe fall is literally right around the corner!?? Where did summer go?


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  2. Tiny, if you change your mind, go here and take a look. THere should be some cute ones. And, yes, I can believe it's fall since Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back.

  3. You can always find shorts in Florida...always. I miss Fall. Our version of Fall is a high in the upper 80's. I am going to have to visit somewhere that has a real Fall in the next few months.