Friday, September 3, 2010

Mom for a Weekend!??

So for my labor day weekend I will be knee deep in spider, guitars, and pools! I'm watching the two little boys that I used to nanny for in the summers during college and some of high school. Can I please tell you how old I feel now that the oldest one is in high school!?? What!? Where does the time go. Their parents decided to go on a last minute trip to New York and I am responsible for another persons well being...YIKES! I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out fun acitvites for the boys to do that they will both enjoy. Not an easy task for a freshman in high school and a 4th grader. I'm thinking maybe take them to the butterfly pavillion to the new tarantula exhibit (again YIKES) and then perhaps the water park or go carts for the activity on Sunday. It is supposed to be nice here in Denver so I'm trying to think of activites that gets us all out of the house and keep everyone entertained. This could get hairy. I only see these boys about every 6 months or so, so hopefully they will behave and we can all enjoy a weekend of fun!

In other news, there are two little college teams who are prepping for the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, due to previously stated engagements I will not be partaking on cheering on my little CSU Rammies, but you better believe I will be sporting my CSU shirt all day tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and enjoys the beautiful last days of summer!
Go RAMS!!!


  1. My brother an entomologist at butterfly p.! If you go, hold rosy, the tarantula and you get a sticker ;) Yes, we missed your smiling mug at the shower and have fun this weekend!

  2. Tiny, hope the boys treat you well. Wish I could say there's a monster truck race or something to take the boys to. That usually seems to work for a mix of ages.