Monday, September 13, 2010

Just A Brief Stay

I returned from a FANTASTIC weekend in Norman, OK and couldn't have had a better time while there. Everything from the home made cookies fresh out of the oven at Mr. Man's house right when we arrived (at 11PM no less) to the great victory OU had over Florida State it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Everything went off without a hitch and I can say that I found a great shirt at one of the local shops and I was proud to sport my new OU shirt while at the game. I lucked out big time becuase 90% of the stadium was in the sun the whole time and we had seats in the shade, whooo hooo!! Coming from Colorado and still trying to acclimate to the crazy Oklahoma humidity was quite an adjustment so needless to say the shade was key to me having a good time.

Now I am here for just about 36 hours before I leave for New Orleans tomorrow. Talk about a crazy week! My goodness! I will be there until Sunday where we are hopping on the earliest flight out at 7:30 to make it back in time for the Zac Brown Band concert at the majestic Red Rocks Ampitheatre. What a way to close out the summer right!?? I have a Rockies game tonight and let's not jinx it too early but I do feel a bit of ROCKTOBER fever coming on!! They are on a crazy winning streak and hopefully I don't bring them any bad luck with my prescense! I will try to update while in the French Quarter eating benigts and such, (haha, just kidding). Here are some pics from the great weekend spent in Norman!
Check out this stadium that holds something like 80,000 people and they sell out EVERY game!
Just having some brewskies on the street before heading in. It was seriously like Vegas but for football. I love drinking on the street!
For real, one of the main streets is named after me!! Haha, same spelling and everything!
My crazy hair hadn't hit the humidty yet, so still looking almost presentable :)
Have a great week ya'll and if anyone has any great must do/see/eat in NO, let me know!


  1. cute! Isn't it fun to get caught up in it? Those southern boys and their teams ;)

  2. Ms. Tiny, looks like you had an amazing time. So glad time with the friends went well! As for Rocktober, while I am PAYING that works out, I'm not sure your social or personal life can handle that. Be safe in New Orleans. Love you