Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally Settling In

Who knew being a short term jet setter was so taxing on your body. I give all of you peeps out there who can travel week in and week out made props, this $hit is mad exhausting!! Of course every ounce spent away from my home was waaay more than worth it. I came home with one heck of a head cold and a lifetime of memories, who can beat that!?? Let's start from the beginning shall we!??
Yeah remember way back when, when I was having a darn heart attack over what I was going to wear to the OU football game and the meeting of the parents, well that is now a distant memory. All went well, as previously stated and we all had a GREAT time!! Next up was unpacking from that fabulous weekend only to literally pull out a bigger suit case from the closet and pack it up for 5 glorious humidity filled days in New Orleans. I lugged my 49 pound bag (yeah whoops) through the airport and happily arrived albeit 3 hours later than anticipated, in the crazy party city New Orleans!! I was there for a work conference the first three days and mister man was meeting me there on Thursday to spend the remainder of the weekend. Unexpectadly we went out and had perhaps one too many of Bourbon Streets infamous Hurricanes and lets just say it made for an interesting Friday morning at my conference. Lived and Learned!

While in NOLA we had no real plans except to eat at the fabulous restaurant that is Commander's Palace on Saturday night. Up until that point the days were ours. We went on a Haunted New Orleans House tour, which was awesome, totally recommend it! Had some choice beverages and toured the city! It was so much fun!!! Commander's Palace did not disappoint and I surprisingly loved the Turtle Soup, whoo go me!! It was so great. There was one downfall...this Colorado mountain girl is soooo far from used to the humidity. I was 'glowing' a lot!! It was so much fun and I will post more fun things about the week to come, but for now here is your wordy post with a few pictures :)
Mr Man and I in front of the oldest bar in N. America (not to mention haunted)
I could've eaten this beignets all day everyday num num num!
Who could resist a picture with a huge a$$ beer!! All class I tell ya!
The awesome haunted tour we went on, bwahahaha!


  1. Little Tiny. Looks like you guys had a BLAST! I would be all about the haunted tour!

  2. I tagged your Quarter Life in the French Quarter in my blog...Enjoy!