Friday, January 8, 2010


Wow what a week! All I have to say is seriously TGIF! Not only am I having to work a full work this week, which I have not had to do since 3 weeks ago, but W also got her tonsils out on Wednesday! O.U.C.H. Monday and Tuesday were spent cleaning the house and preparing to have her locked inside for at least a week if not more. We wanted everything to be nice and spic and span so she wouldn't have to look at the dust bunnies while watching television. Haha. So far we are on day 2.5 I guess, and she is doing really well. Both myself, her doctor, and W were all very concerned that she would have a bad reaction to the anasthetic and result in a not so pleasant recovery, however, I am pleased to announce that she is doing great!! Granted, the surgeon told her that she woudl more likely than not begin feeling a whole heck of a lot crummier around days 4, 5, and 6 but so far so good. The fridge is stocked from top to bottom with apple sauce, pudding, jello, smoothies, ice cream and all the other liquid treats you could think of. My aunt and myself have been caring for W, but let me tell you she is not the easiest patient. She is a nurse and is used to caring for the sick people not being sick herself. I came home Wednesday afternoon from work and sure enough she was up hanging out at the table with my aunt like nothing had ever happened. I have threatened on numerous occassions that she needs to stay in bed and rest and let me get things for her, but man oh man that girl is STUBBORN!! I'm sure by the time she gets to feeling a little better she will be used to the complimentary wait staff (AKA myself) around the apartment not want to go back to the way it was before, haha. I will keep you all updated on the healing process but keep your fingers crossed there is minimal swelling and we will be up and about shopping this weekend. (a girl can wish right?) Now just because I hate posting without any pictures, and she would KILL me if I posted one of her right now, I'll post one of better times. Enjoy your weekends everyone and stay warm!!

In no time flat I'm sure we will be able to consume pizza like this again :)
Nothing beats a little Vegas trip!

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