Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anything else!?

So here I am happily working away at my office job, just type type typing away. Suddenly my cell phone rings and its my dad. Never a good thing. He definitely had a lower tone in his voice and I knew something had either happened to one of our family pets or something happened to my mom. This time it was my mom. Apparently she had slipped while out walking the dogs and sliced her pinky and ring finger open pretty nicely. I'm not really sure how you accomplish this task but it was certainly S-P-L-I-T open. My dad had a late meeting which meant my lucky little tush got to go pick up a throughly medicated mother from the ER. YES!!! Let me tell you how much I love spending quality time with a medicated mother, haha! I swooped her up and we flew off to the pharmacy to continue her drug induced happiness, at this point I really didn't care what was making her nice, I liked the stuff! So we spent a good hour in the pharmacy filling her prescriptions while she chatted everyone and their mom up...lovely. I finally dropped her off 3.5 hours after the ordeal had begun and my oh so helpful brother comes trapsing in my parents house straight from Boulder. Check!!
I am finally on my way home last night after an exhausting day when W calls and is complaining quite a bit about the level of naseau she is feeling. GREAT!! Can't wait to get home. She tells me she is laying on the bathroom floor she feels so sick...holy cow. I get home and get her some sprite and do pretty much all I can to help make her feel better which was wildly unsucessful, but what are you going to do. Man oh man, what a night.
My mind was racing a million miles a minute last night and could not fall asleep until well past my bedtime, which in turn made for a bit of a rough start this morning :( But today is a new day and things are going to start looking up. W tells me she is feeling much better today and we are hoping to have her completely off the pain meds by Fri. As for my mom I'm saying keep the woman medicated. Haha, j/k. She seems to be doing fine today and will be a little bit of rehab involved with the muscles etc. However, if I could spend my time with her like that all the time, where do I sign?!
I'm just going to keep looking at my pictures of Hawaii from last May and dream of the cold beer on the booze cruise and tropical drinks. Here's to a better tomorrow!

Here's to a fabulous hump day and better times! I need a glass of vino or 2, pronto!