Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You want me to what!??

Last night I decided it was finally time to go grocery shopping. Usually W and I have mounds of food in our fridge and very rarely are we scrounging for things to eat in our house, however, our lives have seemed to have gotten the best of us and we have seriously neglected our grocery shopping. Literally, running into the store when we have run out of our staples, like T.P, bread, and the likes, this is not a joke. So last night we did it!! We went grocery shopping!! Whoo hooo!! The point of this is that I made a delicious salad for my lunch today, I'm talking bleu cheese crumbles, turkey, pear slices, the works!! I was getting ready to leave this morning all the while thinking "I hope W remembered her lunch", when I absentmindedly walked out the door without mine!!!! WHAT!!?? Whoops. I realized this about half way to work, so I thought, meh I only live 10 minutes from the office I will run home during my lunch break and eat at home, brillant! Yeah, brilliant idea until I walk into my building and realize that there is a group of angry old bittys and men for that matter too, laying into our concierge staff and the management company. Apparently there was a water main break which caused the fire alarm to be activated, which in turn caused the elevators to shut down!! No bueno for my lazy booty!! I was in a rush so I had to take the stairs 15 floors up to my apartment. By the time I finally dragged my poor, pathetic, out of shape butt up those flights of stairs I was so exhausted I didn't even want the scrumptious salad waiting for me in the fridge...sigh. Well at least I got my exercise in for the day seeing as I weigh in tomorrow and on top of that I had a 'light' lunch, maybe tomorrow's number won't be half bad...:) Wish me luck!

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  1. 15 flights! Ouch! There is no way I could eat after that either! haha