Monday, March 8, 2010

A Dreary Monday...

We don't have many overcast days here in Colorado. Usually the sun is out and shining or the snow is falling in beautiful little crystals, but today....not the case. It rained a little bit last night and I was awoken to wet streets and when the sun did finally 'rise' it was gray and gross. This is not the reason why I live in Colorado! No thank you. Not only is it dreary outside but I have a nasty case of the Monday's as one of my co-workers referred to it. Whatever, I may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today and I may have shut my door at work all day today but there is a reason for that. Therefore, when my door is polietly shut and I do not have 'come on in' sticky note on my door, DO NOT COME ON IN. I am a very friendly person who could probably have a conversation with a frog, however, when I am in a bad mood, STEER CLEAR!! Do not try to cheer me up with your funny baby stories or cool skiing stories, I quite frankly will be in this foul of a mood and will not be wiping my mean mug off of my face until tomorrow morning. Some days everyone is just down right entitled to be a little bit bitter. Ahhh, that feels much better just putting down.
Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend and was even able to spend some time with W...shocker!! She has basically been working non stop at the hospital and I have not been home much in the last week either. We have actually had to start planning catch up dinners, which considering that I live with her is well, pathetic. She is off to see Bon Jovi tonight, that lucky little duck. That may have something to do with my sourpuss mood today, who knows.
On a lighter note I will have pictures for ya'll at some point this week of my bedroom. I finally have my pillow cases monogrammed and my new headboard has arrived!! Whooo hooo, get excited everyone!

So here's to a better tomorrow, some sunshine and turning my frown upside down.

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