Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh yeah that's right, everyone can be jealous of my suhweet trip to Oklahoma! I had to go to Tulsa for some work stuff for two nights and let me tell you that town is full of exciement. Just kidding, it really wasn't too bad, especially when I was eating breakfast in my hotel and Eric Clapton walked by, whoo hoo!! He was apparently playing a concert right down the street from where we were staying and he happened to be staying at the same place, pretty cool actually. I got a lot of work done and played a little bit so all in all a successful trip. Many of you don't know me and don't know that I have a TREMENDOUS fear of flying. I realize that it is completely irrational and on a plane I'm unable to lash out irrationaly (Santa Claus!?? Anyone?) Anyway, I very rarely travel by myself, usually I have my secruity blanket AKA W. This time however, not the case. I was travelling with 5 other co-workers. I think it would be slightly inappropriate to throw back 4 drinks on an hour and half flight, so I sucked it up and acted cool. I had planned on arriving at the airport a good hour and half early to ensure that I was able to save my company some dollar bills by parking in the economy lot, even though my other co-workers opted out of this decision. I ended up getting tied up at work, leaving late, getting stuck in traffic, missing the shuttle from the parking lot, and getting stuck behind a slew, and by slew I mean the entire state of Texas's high school volleyball teams in security, which in turn caused me to have to RUN to my gate like a total fool. I barely made my flight, not good!

When I returned from my ever so productive business trip, I went straight from the airport on Wednesday night to Customer Appreciation night at my favorite bar. Let me tell you, it was out of this world awesome. Free drinks for everyone, ALL NIGHT LONG!! I don't just mean measly little cups of beer either, I'm talking run of the joing do whatever you want and its all on us type night. Love those. However, I left my iphone on the table and was dancing the night away, when I realized my phone was no longer on the table. Denver is a nice place, I don't feel unsafe that often and apparently I trust all to easily. Ya'll this is the second phone now that has been stolen when I am a mere five feet away cuttin' a rug on the dance floor. Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? So even though the bar picked up my tab for the evening I still paid for it by having to buy a new cell phone last night...big bummer! I have a busy weekend plannedand also I am hoping I will commit myself to blogging more, I have been slacking big time lately and I am going to change that! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here is a little gift for ya'll straigh from the Tulsa airport...enjoy!

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