Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend re-cap!

I'll start off with saying that last Wednesday's biggest loser weigh in went much better! Thank goodness because I thought I was going to have to start running laps around the office to try to lose weight...just picture it. Ha.

Onto the weekend. Honestly not a whole lot to report. With my fabulous Friday afternoons off from work I decided to spend this one in my house doing some deep Spring cleaning. I scoured every surface as well as disinfected. The only problem, W was sleeping from her previous night shift and I just couldnt' wait any longer to vaccuum...BIG mistake. Apparently I woke the sleeping giant and $hit hit the fan. She was less than thrilled with our immaculate apartment and I swear at one point during our altercation I think I saw steam come out of her ears and perhaps even a little bit of fire come out of her mouth...It wasn't prettty, AT ALL!

We duked it out for a while and then all was good. Saturday we were supposed to go to The Melting Pot with 5 of our friends and unfortunately about an hour before one had a sinus infection and the other two just flat out bailed, so we decided against it and I had my first Thai food experience. All in all, not too shabby, I would even venture out and eat it again :) Sunday was a little furniture shopping extravaganza as well as a little lunch and we then we saw "She's out of My League". Highly recommeded. I was laughing my booty off!! Hysterical!
That pretty much sums up my less than exciting weekend filled with lots of food, sitting around, and a trip to the movies. I can't wait for the Spring weather and for the grass to get green. I L.O.V.E Spring and everything that comes with it, most of all hot dog season AKA baseball season. Will you all be going to some baseball games this summer?
That's it for my completely random post, but Happy Monday everyone!

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