Monday, February 1, 2010

Where does the time go?!

Seriously!? How is it February already and how I have not blogged in 10 days!?? Wow! Needless to say I have been burning the candle at both ends over the last couple weeks or so. Jam packed weekends and trying to catch up on the weekends chores during the week is no easy feat let me tell you. I'm positive that after this week it will be back to our reagularly scheduled programming. I have been a busy bee trying to help my uncle find a new home in Colorado from Reno and have spent many a hours hopping from house to house hoping that the next one we walk into will be 'the one'. I swear I had no idea finding a house could be so darn complicated, whew, what a whirlwind. Hopefully, the one we found on Saturday and re-visited on Sunday will do the trick and we can stop that nonsense. I have been trying to catch up with old friends that I may have neglected in 2009 and maintain the ones I have. One of my New Year's resolutions, which I mentioned on here, was to rid my life of the toxic people in it. Honestly, I feel less stress and less anxiety about saying no to social gatherings with those individiuals and it makes for a much better weekend!!! This week is jam packed as have been most of January's weeks. However, this week is espeically awesome due to W's 26th birthday!! Wow, how are we already that old?! Crazy! Her actual birthday is on Thursday and we will do dinner at our favorite italian restaurant outside of town Cafe Jordano's and then we will have her friend celebration on Friday night...I'm sure I will have some absolutely stellar pictures from that evening :) Also, on Saturday of this week we have planned to go to the Mizzou Vs. CU basketball game where we will obviously be rooting for Mizzou, BOO CU!! I can't help it, I'm a ram fan through and through. More friends birthday celebrations on Satruday night and then hopefully some recouping for Valentine's week/Denver's restaurant week the following week on Sunday. I'm telling ya'll I am exhausted even writing this post. I also have a favor to ask all you readers out there. I have yet to get W a present...any suggestions? The girl has got every handbag and outfit possible, any 'unique' suggestions are welcome! Thanks and hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Ahhhh I just found out you have a blog!!! I'm so excited :) Did you find a fun gift for the girl who has everything? I still have to celebrate with her, but who doesn't love drawing out their bday?!

  2. Love Cafe Jordano! We should make a trip there soon :)