Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skiing, Bingo, and a concert

The title pretty much sums up the last 5 days of my life. I feel like I have been on the go non stop since this winter began, a busy bee if you will. Last week I decided I had enough of living in Colorado and not utilizing the beautiful mountains a mere 1.5 hours away. I grew up skiing and since I began to work I have not been nearly as much as I would have liked. So I gathered up a nice little crew and we set off for the great Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, we got about an hour behind schedule Saturday morning which put us in the worst ski traffic I have been in!! I'm talking 3 hours of stop and go all the way up to Copper Mountain..not that exciting. Luckily the poeple I went with had good senses of humor and we made the best of it. When we finally got up there the snow couldn't have been better. I skied with one other person while W and another friend skied together. AMAZING!!! Unfortunately we all had to leave the mountain earlier than we wanted to because we had a Bingo ball to attend that evening. That's right, formal Bingo. So we all got gussied up and headed on over to the ball. It was great charity event that promoted an awesome organization and I was happy to be a part of it. I think its safe to say everyone had a wonderful time. After a Saturday like that I needed a week to recovery, not gonna happen though. My work generously provided me with a ticket to the Elton John/ Billy Joel concert on Monday night!!! Holy freakin' cow!!!!! We had a huge box up on the press level and I sang and danced my happy little heart out. I am completely wiped from all the activities and am excited for a weekend with no plans for once. Perhaps see a couple of movies and lounge around the house. I have actually considered getting a subscription to netflix for the month so I can catch up on all the seasons of lost I have missed. I would like to refresh my memory as to what the heck is going on becuase quite frankly I'm lost. (Sorry for the cheesy joke, but lets be honest...) Haha.
Here are some pictures from the EPIC weekend last weekend. Happy hump day ya'll!

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