Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get me outta here!!?

Funny story... I'm walking with 5 of my co-workers today at lunch minding our own business when one of those obnoxious (I mean very sweet) people on the street handed me a flyer for goodness knows what. Of course I am the only one in the group who is handed it. So I nonchalantly carry on my conversation with my co-workers until we get to another crosswalk where I glance at the sheet. It's a flyer for a singles charity event...GREAT!! I am pretty much 1 of, oh lets see, 1 single person in my office and its like these sweet, caring, girls knew exactly who to target out of the group of all married women..MOI!! Everyone got a great laugh out of it, including myself. If only those girls knew :)
Another busy weekend on the home front an sooo ready for a vacation!! OH.MY.GOODNESS. It is frigid cold here, dreary and quite honestly not that pleasant. W is starting a 9 in a row nursing shift and I am left to my own devices for V-day weekend. Could you sense the excitement in my voice? I am honestly just looking forward to having a fabulous 3 day weekend hopefully filled with some relaxtion, some movies, and perhaps if I am really motivated some skiing. I'm thinking I am going to have to be REALLY motivated to have the last one happen, but you never know, things could get wild!

W's birthday was a huge success. I will post more pictures later but leave you with this one of her darling cake. I was joking with her that this is more of 'Lindsey' cake than a 'W' cake but it was cute and sooo darn yummy.
I may or may not dream about W's birthday and my birthday all year long just so we can get a cake from the best bakery in town. It's the little things, right!? Have a great day everyone!

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