Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not again...

What a doozy this last weekend was. It was crazy busy from the time I stepped out of my office on Thursday afternoon up until my 2 hour nap on Sunday. Yeah that's right...a 2 hour nap! However, my weekend was completely exhausting. Fortunately my company always gives us Good Friday off so I had a 3 day weekend to boot...whooo hooo!! This is going to be a long one so settle in for the long haul!
Thursday afternoon my office gave me the company's tickets to the Nuggets game, 6th row behind the bench, holler! Somehow we scored biiig time and landed next to this great couple who apparently played college ball with the Trailblazer Andre Miller, and had 2 extra friends and family passes to meet all the players after the game. Being the generous people that they were they gave them to W and I. Let me tell you it really puts you in your place when you are standing next to a professional sports playing measuring over 7 feet tall! WOAH!! I literally came up to their nipples...yeah picture that. So after an exciting day on Thursday I layed relatively low until the infamous Kamber (Katie and Amber b-day party) that was to occur on Friday night. IT.WAS.AMAZING. There were some old friends present whom I hadn't seen in a while and a great time was had by all. So great in fact that I managed to leave my credit card and ID in some unknown location...big whoops! I spent a large part of Saturday morning trying to figure out where I could have left it considering we only went to one bar and came to the conculsion I must have been sitting on it in the cab and not realized it...sweet! Oh well, water under the bridge at this point. Saturday had a great mexican dinner with my aunt, uncle, cous, and W and saw 'Clash of the Titans' (maybe a 3 out of 5 stars), made one last pass by the bar to make sure they didn't have anymore of my belongings and headed home.

W and I both had a wonderful Easter Sunday. This post wouldn't be complete without a crazy mom story thrown in there so here it is. I opened up my plastic eggs in my Easter basket (yes I'm nearly 25 and still need an Easter basket) and I received 1 dime and 1 quarter. In another egg I received a crinkled up 1 dollar bill. Flashback to the 100 1 dollar bills from Christmas anyone??? That leaves me with a basket full of a whopping 1 dollar and 35 cents. I can sense your jealousy!! Happy Tuesday everyone, enjoy the pics from the partahy!
Even some old sorority friends showed up to play!
Kaite and I at Emilio's! Those margs can be dangerous!
Just having a grand ole time!

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