Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Days in a Yellow Crayon Box

The yellow crayon box being a yellow bug of course!! Once again my beloved mini cooper, which has less than 20,000 miles on it and is only 3 years old, had to go to the shop. It was for the same thing that it was for last time which is beyond frustrating. The darn seat belt chime WILL NOT turn off. I almost jumped out of my own moving vehicle when it happened. So I promptly called the dealership and gave them a piece of my mind and told them I would be bringing the car in immediately. Unfortunately for me they did not have any loaner mini's available so they stuck me in a yellow volkswagon bug. I felt like a fool! Haha, you could see me coming from at least a mile away, not to mention trying to cram 4 people into that tiny little thing (it feels smaller than my mini) was quite the show for people on the street :). So it is now seven days after I took the car in and I am just now able to go pick her up. Of course they tell me that somehow the seat belt chime is tied to my low tire pressure light and I need to replace my tire, even though they repaired it and think the repair will hold. So now I'm out $220.00 for a new tire, no joke!! I am not happy about this and unfortunately I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, no good. The poor technician that has had to deal with me has had his head ripped off more than once, oops, but this girl is pissed! We'll see if throwing an extra $200 at a perfectly good car will keep her in line for another 6 weeks when my lease is up. Any suggestions on what my next car should be?? I'm thinking of an Acura RDX...keep your fingers crossed. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. My low tire pressure light lights up everytime there is a change in temp. It drives me nuts. My lease is up in 11 months and I am already looking for my next car. It takes me that long to decide.

  2. how frustrating! every time i have to take my car in, i feel totally vulnerable. they could tell me anything and because i know nothing about cars, i'm stuck. at least you have your mini back!

    acuras are nice, but i'm obsessed with the cadillac srx.