Friday, April 9, 2010

It's officially hot dog season!

Yes, you read that right!! I love, love, love baseball season, otherwise known as hot dog season in my house!! Today is the Rockies home season opener and unfortunatley we could not get tickets to today's game but you better believe we will be at the rooftop bar right next door to it listening to the roar of the crowd as the Rockies kick some bootaahy!! W and I got tickets to Saturday's game about 3 months ago and we are so excited to go with our 2 great friends, both sisters as well, so we aren't completely missing out on opening weekend.
On top of the Rockies opening games this weekend I have plans to go with my dad to the car show tomorrow morning which should be a blast! I love going to the car show and my dad is such a mellow guy he loves to walk around and hang out with me :) Can't wait!! Tonight we have plans to go to a Garth Brooks cover band here in town called According to Garth. Apparently the band is supposed to be top notch so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It should be a great weekend, with great company, and great weather! Soooo excited to munch on a hot dog for lunch too :) That's totally on the biggest loser diet...right!?
Here are some pictures from great Rockies games in the past.

I hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend and go out and enjoy the start of hot dog season!! Goooo ROCKIES!

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