Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday cake time!

I love love love birthdays. Pretty much for the sole reason that I allow myself to eat as much birthday cake as humanly possible without too much guilt. I know bad, but I can't resist some yummy red velvet cake....mmmmm!!! So for the last 2 years W and I have decided to splurge on our birthday cakes and get them made at a local bakery and let me just tell you there are OHMYGOSH I might have just accidentally eaten 5,999 calories in a piece of cake that was totally unneccesarily HUGE!!!! They are amazing to put it simply. It is always the same flavor, red velvet. Oh my gosh I just found myself staring off into space picturing myself at my refrigerator with fork in hand telling myself this is my last bite 10X over. Oops!! Anyway, we never seem to have our ducks in a row and end up just buying one of these delicious monsters straight from the cake. But this year my friends, I'm having it made up to my specifications. I'm talking red velvet cake, buttercream frosting, pink mock seersucker fondant, hot pink quarters (get it the 'quarter century old'), and some pink whales with perhaps some lobsters thrown in for good measure. I'm sooo excited!!! We are off to Geteaux this afternoon to finalize the order look out!!! My jeans may not be fitting quite like they used to as I apporach my half way to 50th birthday! Totally worth it!! Here is a picture of my cake last year...sooo good!!!

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