Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Christmas Time

I can't believe it is already December, time flies!! W and myself are preparing to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow evening, I know a little bit behind the 8 ball on that one, whoops! It has been surprisingly warm here in Denver today so it doesn't feel like the first day of December. Here are a few things I am looking forward to this month:
-Looking at all the festively decorated houses throughout Denver
-Listening to Christmas music at work and not getting glared at for doing so!
-The smell of fresh cut X-mas trees
-How extra beautiful the mountains look with a bit of snow on top
-Eating some extra sweets and not feeling too guilty about it :) (I might have indulged in a few today, shh told tell)
-Baking and decorating Christmas cookies!
-Watching the Parade of Lights go through downtown and seeing the little kids faces light up
-Dew tour in Breckenridge
-Being surrounded by family and realizing how lucky you are to have such great relationships with everyone
-Purchasing presents for all of your loved ones and really putting the time and effort into each individual gift
-Finally CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I can't wait and may have a mental counter in my head that is ticking away as each day passes. Something similar to what we all had when we knew Santa was coming soon! Haha.
Hope everyone has a great first day of December. Great things are coming this month!

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  1. Shout out to Breck and Dew Tour! Whoop whoop! Wish I could be there to prepare and celebrate with all you guys!
    I think you forgot celebrate your favorite sister's birthday with her as well. Just saying