Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am in some serious need of some advice for Christmas ASAP!!! I have to tell you that Mr. Man is the hardest person to shop for ever! He wants floor mats for his new car for Christmas, seriously this is not a joke. Instead of buying him the floor mats (thank goodness I didn't order them becuase they ended up coming with the car) I went ahead and bought him his very own pair of Sorel snow boots. Yes, he is that nerdy and I love it :) However, the most brilliant idea popped into my head this morning that I should buy tickets to go see his beloved Oklahoma Sooners play the Connecticut Huskies at the Fiesta Bowl in AZ. It is close enough that we could actually drive and I found a killer deal on Ebay for some great seats. The only problem is that Mr Man is a little upset with his Sooners becuase of their past bowl game appearances. Needless to say there have not been too many victories in the past couple games he has been too. So do I go ahead and buy the tickets anyway, taking the chance his team will lose and we drove 10 hours to watch it? (Hello Missouri all over again!) Or do I stick with some sweet new rubber boots for the snow??? Help me!!

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