Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whats ahappenin'?

Hello out there!!! Sorry it has been a while, I feel like I am treading a ton of water just to keep from drowning...anyone else feeling that way?? Anyway, HAPPY OCTOBER!! We have had the strangest weather here in Colorado. I keep reading everyone's blogs and they are all wishing it would get cooler where they live. Surprisingly, here in Denver we are experiencing an Indian Summer. No joke it hasn't been below 80 degrees, with the exception of yesterday) at all yet this fall. Quite frankly, I am not complaining. Today I went and ate my lunch out on the patio of our office, and it was GLORIOUS!! Love that beautiful 75 degree (no humidity) weather in Colorado.

A little catch up to begin with:
-OU beat Texas: YEAH!!! Let me just tell you that it makes my relationship with Mr. Man that much better when those crazy Sooners beat their opponents :)
-I'm thinking I need to make some new fall wardrobe purchases, my clothes are pretty pathetic at the moment
-I'm going to start a cooking club that meets once a month with new yummy foods to try along with new recepies.
-One of my best friends since Kindergarten is getting married next week Whhhhhat!?? Crazy!
-I went to the circus last night!! I love being the only person within a group of 5,000 without a small child...I'm telling you it was some GOOD people watching! I honestly had no idea the circus was so trashy, all I remember is the yummy snow cones and trying to count how many clowns came out of the Volkswagen Beetle :)
-I have no plans this weekend (YES!)
-I'm putting myself on a new strict budget, which means the fall wardrobe may not be so fabulous :( I have to save my dollar bills!
-I have been try to get Mr. Man to buy tickets for us to go see Cavalia (awesome mix of a horse show and cirque du it)...sor far no such luck, but I won't give up :)

Those are about the only exciting, or non exciting for that matter, things going on in my life at the moment. What have ya'll been up to?

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