Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know, I know

I honestly have no idea what I do with my days anymore. All I know is I get home late fall into bed and repeat it all the next day. I am definitley the type of person who thrives on a busy schedule, but these last couple weeks have been a test! I have been CRAZY busy at work, and I finally for the first time in 3 years, feel like I am accomplishing something that helps the bottom line of the company :) My flag football team is in the semi-finals and I even managed to play last weeks game with a broken ring finger, (I know of all fingers, gasp, hahaha) from the game before. My chili was totally to die for!! Thanks for the helpful hints and suggestions, its was a total hit!! Albeit I did not win and neither did Mr. Man's green chili entry but there was not a drop left in that darn crock pot at the end of lunch. I travelled to Missouri to watch Mr. Man's beloved Sooners take on Mizzou and lets just say it was one heck of a long 11 hour car ride home after that game :( One of my good friends since kindergarten (not a typo) got married two weekends ago in a gorgeous ceremony and reception. It is still so wild to me that we are not boarding the school bus home and we are starting real life AKA marriages, babies, etc. Sooo wild!

so for no I am just trying to stop and enjoy the last couple days of fall before the first snow hits and I am spending my weekends on the ski slopes!! Can't wait for that by the way. I PROMISE you that I will update this blog and look for some fun pictures of the last couple of weeks of activities.

PS I'm thinking with the cold weather out there today, I"m going to have to make a pot of that delicious chili again! Num num num!

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