Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yes you guessed it, I was nem-ho for Halloween. Let's not mistake ourselves here though, have no fear that I was about the least scantily dressed lady in the bar that evening. I doctored the costume up with a tank and a cardigan as well as some tights, so there was no 'ho' in this girls outfit. Halloween was an absoloute blast though. Mr. Man was one of an ostrich jockey, it was one of those big blow up costumes and let me just say...HYSTERICAL!! His outfit was so much fun. He had a big beak and he kept walking up to complete strangers and sticking the ostrich beak into the patrons beer/drink cups. It made for a very fun night! This is going to be a short little post but I will be back tomorrow with some picture udpates!! Happy hump day everyone!

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