Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Wedding Itch

First of all please excuse my lack of attention to this pathetic little blog, I've been just a bit busy with 7 weddings this summer...oh my!! My first wedding of the season was actually in Nashvile and the same weekend as the bachelorette party in Phoenix so Iwas unable to attend. However, the pics of the bride were AMAZING!! I wish I could have gone :( I had a wedding of a good friend that I have known since 2nd grade get married on Friday at a really neat Tuscan Villa. More pictures to come. Anyway, the bachelorette party that weekend was sooo much fun. I swear to you that I can no longer look at Vegas bachelorette parties the same way. A nice relaxing weekend in sunny Scottsdale was awesome! I loved loved loved the great drinks that we were served everyday and not feeling like you have to go out to the typical Vegas hot spots. This party leads me into the next wedding which is this weekend. Its going to be at the gorgeous Brown Palace. It will be a weekend of great fun filled with a tea party, a great rehearsal dinner and a gorgeous ceremony at one of the grandest churches in downtown Denver. It will be quite an exciting weekend. I have also participated in a number of gorgeous showers and I will have to download pictures to show you all. I can't wait for the remainder of the summer which will be filled with more weddings, baseball games, bachelorette weekends, NEW ORLEANS, Beaver Creek and other fun little weekend trips. Is it so crazy to anyone else that the summer is half way over?? Man, time flies when you're having fun. I will post a few pics of the past couple of weeknds and I will have to upload more and actually continue to post (gasp) Happy short week everyone! Oh and get ready for a total picture overload...

Let the weekend begin!

Cutest idea EVER!
Kind of a crummy picture, but you get the idea.
Just a mini group shot with the beautiful bride and her cousin. SOOO FUN and I can't wait for this weekend's festivities!

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  1. SO ADORABLE! the bridal shower umbrella and panties is too cute!