Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

I had heard on the radio in my way into work yesterday that the weather was supposed to drastically shift from a comfortable high of 88 yesterday to 68 degrees today and rainy! Yuck, no thank you, I do no approve! So low and behold when my alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 5:45 this morning sure enough it was drizzling rain and miserable to try to get out of bed. I could have curled up with those two little snuggly kittens and gone right back to sleep. Quite honestly I could have stayed there all darn day today. Now you see, I love myself a good summer thunderstorm, however, when the sun does not peek out from behind those clouds all day long it gets to be a touch depressing. Picking up what I'm throwing down? Oh well, life goes on and so does the rain apparently. It is supposed to clear up by tomorrow morning, yipee!! I love summer and how much easier it is to get out of bed when the sun is out and already above 65 degrees when you get in your car. So here is to warmer, sunnier days tomorrow! Happy hump day ya'll!

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