Friday, July 9, 2010

Tea Time

So as mentioned previously I have another wedding to go to this weekend. This one is probably one of the larger more elaborate weddings I am going to attend this summer and it all starts TODAY!!! Thank goodness I only work half days on Friday's which allows me to be able to partake in the tea she is throwing for all of the people involved in the wedding. It will be held at the fabulous Brown Palace Hotel, which is a beautiful historic hotel right in the heart of the city. It is known for its great tea and it should be absolutely wonderful just to have a girls tea. How fun!! Shortly after that is the rehearsal dinner where I am sure to stuff my tummy to the brim of delicious wine and yummy pastas only to not be able to fit into my dress tomorrow...fingers crossed everyone. Then the big day. The grand daddy of them all, her wedding day!! I am really looking forward to this and promise to post pictures of everything! I am sooo excited. Not only that but Mr. Man is flying in for the weekend as well, double whammy. Its going to be a busy busy weekend and of course we are topping it off with a Rockies game on Sunday. BTW did anyone else see them sweep the Cardinals?? Haha, GO ROX!

Happy weekend ya'll!