Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thanks goodness that's over!

I don't know about you all but I am breathing a sigh of relief that all of the holidays are over. Call me Scrooge but I had my Christmas tree down the day after Christmas and all of my gifts were put away instead of displaying them proudly under the tree for another week. Quite honestly I was just really anxious to get back to my real life. I like my schedule and I like my daily routine, what can I say, I'm boring.

New Year's came and went and there was not too much excitement, just good friends at an un-crowded bar sharing in merriment and a few drinks, it was good. Of course Mr. Man decided he needed to go skiing up in Breckenridge on New Year's Eve Day, even though it was slated to be a bone chilling -25 degrees, for real!! I obliged because I told him he would learn his lesson sooner rather than later. I have skied these slopes my whole life, the mountains have never once left my sight except when I am on vacation, I do not feel pressured to get a million ski days in for one season...for goodness sakes we have already gone 8 times, phew!!! But like I said I went, I skied run one and....I went to the bar with the girls. Are you all shocked?? I wasn't doing it. I gave it my best shot and I gave up, yup I said it, I GAVE UP!! Here's to a better ski weekend coming up and a little bit of warmth in these moutains of ours...brr!! Happy Hump Day everyone!

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  1. I happy to get back in a routine as well. It was a nice break but I like my routine.