Friday, February 25, 2011

California Dreaming....

Or something like that at least! I am dying for a beach getaway, my goodness. Mr. Man and myself are trying to pick a budget friendly beach destination for a couple days and let me tell you something, that's NOT an easy feat! Loves me some Mexico but been there done that. I would basically give my left arm to be tooling around the Italian countryside, sipping wine one day, and laying on a Grecian beach the next, however, that is not in this gals budget :(. So where do I go?? The caribbean? Costa Rica?? Perhaps a nice beach getaway in the states?? HELP! What are your favorite vacau spots??

Ahhhhh, wishful thinking!

I swear this picutre is the only thing getting me through the cold dreay day today!
Total side note, however, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans last weekend and I simply cannot get enough of them! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I say Nashville....we have a cool place called Nashville Shores. I'm positive that you and BB will love it.

    Thanks for updating me on your new jeans. I need to know these things, since I'm not there to coach you through and discuss at work. ;) I have a pair of black skinnies and I wear them several times a week to work (didn't you know black jeans aren't normal jeans...they're dressier and therefore ok to wear to work?)

    love and miss you!